Grey Body Paint / Cream Eyeshadow / Foundation


Grey Body Paint / Cream Eyeshadow / Foundation Grey Body Paint / Cream Eyeshadow / Foundation

Grey Body Paint / Cream Eyeshadow / Foundation

Masquerade Cosmetics


Body Paint, Colour Cream by Masquerade

Colour: 03 Grey - perfect colour for Homestuck Troll Cosplay

Size: 4g Clear Pot

Quantity: 1


Product information – Body Paint Colour Cream

Our rich, colour intense foundation cream blends easily together to create dazzling and dramatic effects, for character, special effects and clowning. Super smooth and creamy.


Application: Sponge for all over body coverage or you can apply this product with a brush for different effects. Washes off easily with soap and water.




Masquerade Cosmetics & Theatrical Makeup

Masquerade Cosmetics has developed a strong name internationally in the professional makeup industry over the past 12 years. Masquerade Cosmetics are produced in Australia and are renowned for consistently high quality products at exceptional prices due to the no frills packaging. Masquerade Cosmetic products are never tested on animals. Made in Australia by Masquerade


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- 100% Cruelty-Free
- 100% Gluten-Free
- Professional Quality Theatrical Makeup

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