Phantom Powder Complexion Powder PBLC


Phantom Powder Complexion Powder PBLC

Portland Black Lipstick Company


Portland Black Lipstick Company is proud to present Phantom Powder, a formula from 1897 carefully recreated to combine great effectiveness with historical accuracy. This is Victorian-era mineral makeup - a loose powder with a light and delicious scent!

'Phantom' and 'Invisible' were common names for translucent powders during the late 19th Century, and while this powder is visibly white in the container, we have tested it successfully on a wide range of customers. Wear it lightly, to reduce shine and set makeup, or layer it on for a paler look.

Like all of our products, Phantom Powder is talc-free. We replaced the talc in the original formula with mica coated with natural vegetable wax to provide the slip and transparency of the original product.

The fragrance of Phantom Powder is also true to the original formula, deriving from natural essential oils and solvent-free extractions. The original recipe used musk as a fixative, which we have substituted with musk ambrette seed extract, a natural plant alternative to animal musk and synthetics.

Phantom Powder is packaged in 20 gram volume, clear plastic sifter jars.
This will be rush shipped from the supplier the moment you order, expect it at your doorstep in approximately 14 business days.
Portland Black Lipstick Company
PBLC specialises in "natural lipsticks for an unnatural look". Everything is handmade in Portland Oregon from natural ingredients. The philosophy behind this make-up brand is one of celebration rather than correction, and the colour range is enviable! In addition to a fantastic range of weird and wonderful colours there are also a number of historical reconstructions - perfect for historical reenactors and lovers of vintage style. 

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