Dime Piece Eyeshadow (Destash Bargain Bin)


Dime Piece Eyeshadow (Destash Bargain Bin) Dime Piece Eyeshadow (Destash Bargain Bin) Dime Piece Eyeshadow (Destash Bargain Bin)

Dime Piece Eyeshadow (Destash Bargain Bin)

Bad Bitch Cosmetics


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This item is a Destash Bargain Bin item! This item is not directly from the maker. This item is second hand. Read the description carefully, and get yourself a bargain!

Colour:  Dime Piece - Pewter toned Silver

Brand: BBC - Bad Bitch Cosmetics

Size: Sample Size - Clamshell filled with a level 1/8 teaspoon of mineral makeup powder

Condition: Sealed, and appears full. Slight glitter dust scuffing on the label. 


Manufacturers Description:

Shawty's a ten, y'all! Dime piece is a really versatile, lustrous pewter shade of silver-grey. It looks fantastic in blending or using the foiling technique.

Mineral Makeup is a really versatile cosmetic medium! In case you're new to all of this, here are some ideas for you:

- A wet technique, called foiling, can be used to create a really bold color and very strong line. This is popularly done as eyeliner, and looks fantastic.

- They can be applied over nail polish, clear or otherwise, to create a really complex look that isn't easily duplicated. This is especially great with pigments heavy with glitter.

- Mix with your clear lip gloss or apply over (press on top of) lip balm to get a lip look that's intense and cool as hell.

- Use your eyeliner as a base and apply mineral pigment over it to get a deep dual color and undertone/overtone look.

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