Claytime Mineral Powder Foundation Lite


Claytime Mineral Powder Foundation Lite Claytime Mineral Powder Foundation Lite

Claytime Mineral Powder Foundation Lite



Claytime Australia Foundations are SPF 24 and provide a pure mineral cover foundation, available in four shades Ivory, Lite, Medium and Tan. These can easily be blended with Claytime Summer Bronzer or Claytime Strawberry Blush to create a unique custom shade of your own.

Expect a flawless airbrushed look everyday and visible skin improvement with the help of natural zinc oxide. Preferred by skin care specialists and dermatologists, this gentle pure mineral blend is infused with the signature Claytime Australia organic earth clays that deliver a superb pH neutral balance for your skin. Straight from the native outback.

Instantly erase the appearance of acne, pigmentation, large pores and red scars. Apply with a large powder foundation brush. 

Mineral Powders are only messy when incorrect dispensing techniques are used.

Step 1. Before you open the lid, shake your jar side to side. This returns the cosmetic powder back beneath the sifter holes. 

Step 2. Open the lid. Holding your brush gently, by the silver ferrule band, push your powder brush onto the holes. Gently tip the jar upside down (over a counter). Notice how the brush catches all the powder into the brush bristles? That’s the secret to no-waste, no-mess application! You can also tap powders into lid, and push the brush into the lid, "catching" all the beautiful minerals deep into the brush.

Step 3. Starting with the apple of your cheek. Apply minerals to face in soft circular motion. Keep moving in small circles, as you progress to your forehead, then to the other cheek.

Step 4. Brush down the nose to finish. Close eyes and mouth while you apply near your eyes or mouth. Breath out through your nose, as you apply around your nose area and keep lips tightly pressed during application around your mouth area.

Step 5. After 2-5 minutes your natural skin oils, will create a soft, silky, smooth finish. You don't need to add oils or other primers. Less is more. Apply two light applications, rather than a single, heavy application.

For a two in one product, make an instant concealer to cover tattoos and dark marks by simply applying a small amount of pure mineral powder and blending with a drop of water, forming a smooth paste. Allow to dry for 60 seconds, finish with a lite application of powder Mineral Cover as usual.
 Apply to spots as a high cover concealer to mask acne, tattoos or dark eye-circles. Apply to back of hands, to cover visible sunspots, heat rashes, or sun-pigmentation.

Net weight: 7g.

Ingredients: Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Australian Organic Clay +/- may contain: Iron Oxides, Tin Oxide, Ultramarine Blue. 


Claytime Mineral Cosmetics

Claytime Australia is one of the worlds fastest growing cult labels that has resonated with those who seek to live a life with nothing less than the virtues of truth, beauty and strength.

Face each day with complete confidence in yourself and what you have set out to achieve. Introduce it to your next generation with absolute confidence and above all please wear it with pride.

- 100% Cruelty-Free
- 100% Gluten-Free
- Professional Quality Theatrical Makeup

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