Captain Tightpants Eyeshadow


Captain Tightpants Eyeshadow Captain Tightpants Eyeshadow

Captain Tightpants Eyeshadow

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We love our Captain; he might be bad in the Latin but he's a nice man, really. Someone must have told Mal he was an autumn, because he's always decked out in earth-that-was-tones.

Captain Tightpants is a ruddy shiny golden-toned copper; it would look right at home next to his coat, which is... kind of a brownish colour.

Captain Tightpants as listed is in a 5gr jar with sifter and screw-on lid.

Vegan?: Yes.

This will be rush shipped from the supplier the moment you order, expect it at your doorstep in approximately 14 business days. 




The Big Damn Heroes

Big Damn Heroes: Its about damn time. Throw on your browncoat and join the resistance.


This collection is inspired by the TV series Firefly created by Joss Whedon and the subsequent movie Serenity. The adventures of Mal, Inara, Zoe, Wash, Kaylee, Simon, River, Book and Jayne are fondly remembered by browncoats everywhere. 



Geek Chic make cosmetics based on fun, geeky stuff. So many people are afraid to get into wearing makeup, or just disinterested, because of the difficulty, cost, and/or skill perceived to be required to use them. And that’s a damn shame. We make cosmetics that, we think, get people who are like us excited... because makeup should be fun.

When we were forming the ideas behind Geek Chic Cosmetics, we noticed a ton of places catering to the geek crowd, but very few specialized in stuff mostly for ladies or dudes who like cosmetics, no judgement here (who doesn't want to smell and look awesome?).
What our products are

- Gluten Free.
- 100% Vegan
- Cruelty Free. We don't test our products on animals and only buy ingredients from suppliers follow the same policy.
- Irritant-avoidant. We don’t use parabens, non-organic preservatives, talc, or bismuth oxychloride.
- Filler-Free.
- Compliant with FDA regulations of production, ingredient use, and accurate labelling.
- Original. We do not repackage, period. Every formulation is our own hand-created mixture and we use bases we developed from scratch.
The TL;DR summary

We love what we do. GCC was born out of a passion for makeup and geekiness and we felt it needed to be shared with the world. Everything we make is handmade, handled with care, and full of awesome.

We hope you will love wearing our products as much as we love making them.

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